Lafarge General Purpose+ Cement 25kg Plastic

Code: BP0CGP+25

Enhanced 42,5N strength class cement for better performance - Reduces wastage on site and improves sustainability - Sustainable cement technology containing limestone additions giving less bleeding and segregation and lower embodied CO2 than CEM I Portland cement

Lafarge General Purpose + is a high 42.5N strength cement for excellent performance. The cement is ideal for concreting, floor screeding, bricklaying and rendering. Available in water and tear resistant 25kg plastic packaging for durability.

Enhanced 42.5N strength class cement for better performance. Lafarge General Purpose + cement is a quality-assured BS EN 197-1 CEM II cement and carries the CE mark. It is produced using sustainable cement technology

General Purpose + cement contains limestone additions which provides less bleeding and segregation. Plus has lower embodied CO2 than CEM I Portland cement. The plastic packaging enables it to be stored outside without risk of deterioration, reduces wastage onsite and improves sustainability.

Packaging 25kg Plastic Bag Pack Qty 60
Cement Type BS EN 197-1 CEM II Strength 42,5N
Ideal Use Mortars, Renders, Floor screeds, Concreting, DIY applications including bricklaying Compatability Fully compatible with all standard admixtures such as air-entraining agents, workability aids and waterproofers.
Storage This product must be stored in unopened bags clear of the ground.

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