Lintels & Padstones

A lintel is a horizontal support beam that is placed over an opening, such as a door or window, in a wall to provide structural support and distribute the weight of the wall above the opening. Lintels are typically made of wood, steel, or concrete, and are designed to be strong and durable to withstand the weight of the wall and any loads that may be placed on it, such as a roof or other structures. The size and type of lintel used in a construction project will depend on the size of the opening and the load that it will need to support. Lintels are an essential part of the building structure and play a critical role in ensuring the stability and integrity of the wall.

Padstones, also known as foundation pads or sole plates, are large, flat stones that are used in construction to support the weight of a wall or other structure. They are typically placed on the ground beneath the wall, either directly on the soil or on top of a concrete foundation, and are used to distribute the weight of the wall evenly and prevent it from settling or sinking into the ground. Padstones are usually made of concrete or other strong, durable materials, and are designed to be wider and thicker than the wall itself to provide a stable base for the structure. In some cases, padstones may also be used to support the ends of beams or joists, or to provide a level surface for the placement of other building materials, such as bricks or blocks.

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