Firmtite Yellow Passivated Countersunk Recessed Screws 5.0 x 90 Box 100 24020202209

Code: FXWSCS50090

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Yellow Passivated Screws go through a zinc-plating process which protects the screw from corrosion. Once the screws have been zinc-plated, a passivation layer is added to improve the corrosion protection. Although the screws go through preventative measures to protect from corrosion, the protective coating on passivated screws are not as hard wearing as other screws which makes them suitable for indoor use where they will not be exposed to the elements. The screws should also not be used in areas indoors that are prone to damp.

The countersunk head is conical in shape which makes the screw perfect for use when you need to partially or fully conceal the screw, as the head sits flush against the surface.

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