EASYJoint Paving Joint Compound 12.5kg Stone Grey


EASYJoint compound is a quick, effective and aesthetically pleasing way of filling paving joints. Suitable for all types of paving material provided there is a gap at least 3mm wide and 25mm deep.

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EASYJoint is an effective, quick and aesthetically pleasing sweep-in joint compound. The joining compound is easy-to-use and is suitable for all types of paving materials. Much more effective than traditional jointing methods, EASYJoint is also strong enough to withstand all weather elements, making it extremely durable.

Truly an all weather jointing compound

An all year round hard landscaping product to point your paving that can be used whatever the weather conditions are before, during or after application.

Very fast to use

The use of water to wash and fill the joints between the paving is a breakthrough in jointing methodology. It assists the paving grout to compact into the joints so there is no need to 'strike' or 'tool' the joints unless you want a smooth finish.

Less Effort

The wash and sweep in application method makes it easy to use and jointing paving is faster than traditional methods.

Technically advanced

Years of research and continuous development of our jointing compound makes this a market leader. We sell tens of thousands of EASYJoint tubs every month throughout the UK and in Europe.

No staining or framing

When used correctly and the EASYJoint instructions are followed there will be no staining or framing to the paving. EASYJoint is safe to use with natural stone as well as being ideal for concrete paving. If you make an error however don't worry, the only stain our jointing compound might leave is linseed oil which will disappear and fade over time. Use lots of water when using the jointing grout and any linseed oil will sit on top of it and get washed away! Detailed instructions on how to joint paving with our sweep in sand can be found on this site or in the EASYJoint tub.

No Waste

Opened tubs of EASYJoint, if not fully used, can be kept for later use providing they are covered by a minimum of 2" (50mm) or more of water. – There is no waste with our jointing compound, EASYJoint is an environmentally friendly product.

Please note. this product is porous and therefore should NOT be used when laid on a solid concrete base - the sub base needs to be free draining.

Weight 12.5kg Colour Stone Grey
Setting Time 24 Hours Benefits Easy to use
Use For Gaps of at least 3mm wide and 25mm deep

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