100mm Besblock 7N Star Performer Block


Thermal performance is almost equal to that of a 100mm Solid Medium Density type block is 45% better than a solid dense block - Suitable for beam & block flooring application - Suitable below DPC in normal soil conditions. - Easy to handle - Cost effective - One block makes for ease of site supervision - Incorporates 15% of recycled aggregate - Meets all criteria for airborne sound transmission - Suitable for inner leaf of external walls with cavity insulation.

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Besblock's Star Performer is a multi-purpose, one block solution with a thermal performance almost equal to that of a 100mm solid medium density type block. Extremely versatile, the block meets the criteria for inner leaf external walls, beam and block floor infills, below ground DPC applications and sound resistant party walls. 

You will need 10 blocks per m² of your project.

Key Features:

  • Thermally Efficient
  • Use below DPC
  • Advantageous PSI Values
  • Excellent Acoustic Properties
  • Sustainable
  • Use in beam and block floors
  • Single block on site solution 

Compressive Strength 10.4N/mm² Thermal Conductivity 0.154m²K/W
Dry Density (kg/m³) 1900 Pack m² 10
Blocks per Pack 92

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