RHS Malvern Show Garden

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An emotional journey supporting loved ones with diabetes has inspired two garden designers to dream up a beautiful Show Garden for RHS Malvern Spring Festival 2019 (May 9-12). Karen Tatlow and Katherine Hathaway along with support from Tippers Building Materials, MJL Garden Design, Ethan Mason and Urban Street Design have all came together to design and construct the first ever diabetes Show Garden.

“The Habit of Living” Garden will highlight the struggle and journey from diagnosis to managing the condition well, a serious condition that affects one in 15 people in the UK. Design references are made throughout to the charity Diabetes UK and diabetes management, with sculptural graphs representing the constant monitoring of blood glucose levels and intermittent water feature jets that symbolise the frequency of diagnosis.

The Habit of Living Garden will be apart of the RHS Malvern Spring Festival from 9th until 12th May. The aim is to bring awareness to diabetes and show how a team can come together to make something extraordinary.

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