Cement Supplier Change – Jan 2018


From January 2018 we will be changing our cement supplier from Hanson to Lafarge.

Please note, Lafarge cement will dry to a slightly darker colour than Hanson. However, we still do have a limited supply of Hanson cement left should you require some to finish a job.

Please contact your local branch for stock information.

Take a look below at the new products we’ll have in stock at all of our branches.

General Purpose Cement

  • For traditional nominal mixes and for all general applications
  • 32,5R Portland limestone cement
  • Available in 25kg paper bags

General Purpose+ Cement

  • High strength cement (42.5N)
  • Less bleeding and segregation
  • Available in 25kg water and tear resistant plastic bags

Sulfate Resistant Cement

  • Recommended for use in below ground applications
  • Portland-fly ash cement with a high sulfate resistance and moderate heat of hydration (BS EN 197-1 CEM II/B-V 42,5N)
  • Available in 25kg paper bags

Super White Cement

  • Ideal for general applications including cast stone, paving, architectural precast concrete etc.
  • Bright white colour with no pigments
  • Available in 25kg paper bags